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纽约星海钢琴城 New york piano city
新泽西:973-348-5028 纽约:917-306-8709
我们是纽约和新泽西华人第一家钢琴小提琴专卖,向您提供世界名牌钢琴及各种款式大中小提琴, 欢迎您的光临 ,并且 竭诚为您服务!
(一)日本原装雅马哈系列钢琴: 立式钢琴型号 : U1 U2 U3 UX YUS
三角钢琴 :C1 C2 C3 GH1 GH2 GH3
经营的日本YAMAHA 钢琴,是日本钢琴工厂翻新产品,质量上乘,外观如新.
(二) 北京星海牌系列钢琴: 系星海钢琴合资企业生产 北京奥运会专用钢琴
立式钢琴 XU 108 XU110 XU115 XU117 XU118 XU120 XU122 XU132
三角钢琴GU143 GU150 GU168
(三)日本雅马哈电子琴(keyboards)及数码钢琴 (digital piano)
电子琴Keyboards型号:psre 233 psre 333 psre 423 Np 31 Npv80
数码钢琴Digital piano型号:p95 YDP161B YDP 141
(四)北京华蕴牌小提琴 中提琴 大提琴 (中国北方最大提琴厂,戴洪祥提琴大师指导)
电话NJ: 973-348-5028 Email:newyorkpianocity@gmail.com
地址:54B N beverwyck Rd parsippany NJ 07034
电话 NY: 917-306-8709 E.mail:piano_violinxu@yahoo.com
地址:33-70 c9# prince st flushing NY 11354 (请预约)
请浏览网站:www.newyorkpianocity.com 弹钢琴,给孩子的音乐灵性插上翅膀,选择钢琴,见仁见智,更是品味的流露。 欢迎钢琴老师协助学生挑选钢琴 !
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For the past couple of years EMENDY Sound & Music Technologies has been specializing in the improvement of South African music and entertainment standards via education. Our focus leans towards producing better quality artists, music producers and engineers through our internationally recognized digital music production and sound engineering courses and workshops, enabling students to create and maintain their own independent entrepreneurial businesses in the music and entertainment industry.

Established in 2000, EMENDY has grown into a hub of resourceful options for any level of musician, sound engineer or producer. We are currently based in Hatfield (Pretoria) in a cleverly laid out and spacious setting that features a friendly atmosphere, well equipped classrooms that stimulates optimal creativity and production, dedicated student workstations, a professional recording studio and in-house shop for all your musical software and hardware needs. The key to our success lies in the implementation of our courses, taking an unconventional no-nonsense approach to conservative methods of teaching.

Based on the BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology standard and T.I.M.E. EMENDY’s courses provide a comprehensive international approach including aspects of both music production and sound engineering ensuring that upon the completion of the course, the student will be trained as a well-rounded producer / engineer and able to start working in the field immediately. We go as far as to help market our students after studying by publishing their music online and producing a compilation CD from the top student’s projects each year.

The initiative for the EMENDY Music Technology College arose from the lack of qualified and skilled music producers in South Africa, and so the need for upliftment and training of undeveloped potential is filled.

While there were no other music institutions in South Africa teaching Digital Music Production but Sound Engineering EMENDY became the first Music Technology College in South Africa specializing in Digital Music Production and later combined our well known production courses with the existing South African ”Sound Technology” (sound engineering) standards creating a unique concept that soon earned the respect of the music industry workplace.

Our courses are entrepreneurial based and include fundamentals of sound, computers and music, your music setup, theory and technique, MIDI sequencing, drum programming, digital wave editing, sound synthesis & design, cover designing, digital effects, sound construction and arranging, mixing and mastering, music business and the industry, ear training and music appreciation, music and video (production and editing), music software, studio and 5.1 sound engineering, post production and much more. Each student receives individual attention to identify his or her specific needs that are required for completing the course successfully.

The professional and established lecturers and staff of EMENDY are constantly staying ahead in the fast paced world of music and technology and our teaching methods and courses are regularly upgraded to suit the needs of the learners and industry. Possible outcomes for our courses can lead to a wide range of careers in the music business which includes production, engineering (live and studio), mastering, post production, technician and maintenance, music research, composing and arranging, film and video, sound design, performing or session work, acoustic consulting, multimedia developing, educating and product representation to name but a few.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for the music industry, EMENDY Sound and Music Technologies are geared and eager to provide students with all the skills and tools they'll need to start a career in all aspects of the business. Our success rate is phenomenal with many qualified and proficient digital music producers and sound engineers being released into the field over the past couple of years.

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Alex Music Institute

90 El Horreya Rd.
Azarita, Alexandria
Tel: 03 4875086

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Al Rashed Center

11 El Wazir St.
Gesr El Suez, Cairo
Tel: 02 26389614 - 010 5275826

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Akhbar El Youm Center

11 El Sahafa St.
Downtown, Cairo
Tel: 02 25948176 - 02 25948231

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What is Ceroc French Jive or Modern Jive ?

Ceroc® brand French jive [also called modern jive] is a funky partner dance generally done to chart, nightclub or swing music (you can also dance it to other music). Here is a partner dance that you can dance at parties, nightclubs - just about anywhere!

During the Second World War, American GI's based in France introduced Jive to the dance scene. Locals adapted it and described it as "c'est le rock", hence the abbreviated, Ceroc.

In January 1980, an Englishman of French decent, James Cronin started classes in London, which are now enormously successful. Angelique Meyer, living in London at the time, attended classes and was hooked! She trained to teach and decided it was just what New Zealand needed.

Ceroc jive is a similar exercise, fitness and dance regime to, and / or complimentary with, argentine tango, balboa, ballroom, blues, boogie francais, boogie-woogie, B-Bop, broadway, cabaret, cha cha, charleston, dancesport, disco, disco-fox, fox trot, hustle, jazz, jitterbug, lambada, latin american, le bop, le roc, lindy hop, mambo, modern jive, partner dancing, paso doble, pop, quickstep, rock and roll, rhumba, salsa, samba, shag, social dance, swing dance, viennese waltz and west coast swing![详细查看]
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The Dance Studio was formed from an association between a group of professional dancers and teachers wishing to create a central home for all those currently involved in, or having an interest in dance in its many forms in our community.

It is a base from which to teach, a space to create and rehearse and an information and resource centre available for all teachers, dancers and students.

The faculty is committed to providing the best education and educators available while also providing an environment that will foster new initiatives and unions allowing them space to develop.

Above all we wish everyone to share in the joy of dance, knowing that dance prospers in a space where it becomes a shared language.


The Dance Studio team is composed of some of New Zealand's most experienced teachers/ choreographers as well as a group of talented and committed young dance professionals. Between them they have some impressive performing credits and invaluable experience in the Performing Arts industry. [详细查看]
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John Young has been dancing for 61 years and Anne for 31. John brings to dancing the accumulated knowledge of a lifetime as a full time professional teacher for the 57 years since he founded his studios in 1951. Since then 100,000 Aucklanders, including 4,000 tango dancers have been taught by the John Young system. He was the first to teach Argentine Tango in Auckland, introducing it in 1989.

John trained initially with Ivy Biberstein, New Zealand's greatest dance teacher and has had additional training with world titleholders.

He has trained a number of New Zealand titleholders.

He has appeared on a number of television programmes, including Target and Sky Sports, and was dance director for the Topp Twins and City Life. He danced in the TV One News commercial with Helen Medlyn and has directed the dancing in other commercials.

John was recently awarded the Queens Service Medal for his Services to Dancing and is a life member of the Society of Australasian Teachers of Dancing and an Associate of the NATD London.

Anne was trained by John and Ivy Biberstein and has attained Oscar level in both Ballroom and Latin American - the highest amateur level in medal dancing.

She has appeared on television, including Ice TV and on Sky Sports where she and John tried to teach Stu Wilson how to dance Argentine Tango when the Argentine football team was visiting New Zealand.[详细查看]
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Santarelli School of Dance is one of New Zealand’s most versatile Dance Schools. The school was established in 1999 and continues to grow consistently. Our vision is to give each student our individual attention and best tuition available as well as teach the love of dance in a friendly, fun but disciplined environment. We offer classes in a wide range of dance styles Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Body Conditioning, Contemporary, Ballroom and Latin our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, Pre-School – Advanced, classes for Adults & Boys are also available. With such versatility students are given the chance to come and explore different styles of dance while learning from our internationally qualified and highly experienced tutors. Each student is given the opportunity to sit dance exams of International Recognition and participate in our Annual end of year production. Please feel free to come and view classes before enrolling.Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Kim Santarelli & Simone Murphy
School Directors.[详细查看]